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Learn at your own pace with our Online pre-recorded Workshops and Master Classes.


Live Classes

2 months (18 sessions) of LIVE Lectures, Workflow Animation Demos and Personal shot critiques.

The Workshops

  • Rigs

    LIFETIME Access to State of the art rigs, compatible with industry standards

  • Mentorship

    18 sessions over 9 weeks of LIVE classes, workflow demos and personal shot critiques.

  • Pre-recorded Classes

    Unlimited Access to purchased classes.

What's The Animation Box?

The Animation Box is a platform where I'll make tutorials, masterclasses, and workshops. I'll provide different character rigs depending on the class you sign up for.

So far, we are working on the first master class, where you will be able to download the "Harry Rig."
In this class, I'll demonstrate how is my workflow while animating a cartoon action shot in Autodesk Maya. I'll also have lectures explaining Blocking/Breakdowns/Spline techniques.

Who is the course for?

Mentorship classes are for everyone (any level). From beginners to working professionals that want to grow their animation knowledge. 

Cartoon Mechanics Masterclass was designed for animators with a good understanding of Maya and animation principles. Intermediate to Advanced animators looking to step up their cartoon workflow.

What are you expecting to learn?

Industry professionals with decades of experience workflow: Planning, Blocking, Breakdown, Spline, and Polish techniques.

Any questions, shoot me an email contact@theanimationbox.com.

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Yuri Lementy

Yuri has 18 years of experience working with 3D Animation. Originally from Brazil, he moved to Canada in 2010 where he had the opportunity to work in studios like Sony Imageworks, Method Studios and now Relic Entertainment. His resume includes movies like Smallfoot, Storks, Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2, Emoji Movie, Open Season 2 and Smurfs.
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Yuri Lementy

2017 Animation Reel

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